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Etleap announces support for Amazon Redshift Materialized Views

By Etleap Marketing
December 2, 2019
Blog Etleap announces support for Amazon Redshift Materialized Views

Etleap customers will benefit from new technology in Etleap for faster query performance

Today, Etleap, an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and provider of fully-managed Extract, Load, Transform (ETL)-as-a-service, announced support for Amazon Redshift Materialized Views. The new feature is designed to help customers achieve up to 100x faster query performance on analytical workloads such as dashboarding queries from Business Intelligence (BI) tools and ELT data processing. Because Etleap was built from the ground up to handle data integration for Amazon Redshift users, including orchestration of transformations within Amazon Redshift, the company is uniquely positioned to test this new capability and provide support for it in their product.

“We are delighted to have Etleap help launch the Materialized Views feature in Amazon Redshift,” said Andi Gutmans, Vice President, Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Amazon Redshift Materialized Views allow customers to realize a significant boost in query performance in ETL pipelines and BI dashboards. By integrating Etleap with this new functionality, customers can seamlessly get the benefits of Amazon Redshift Materialized Views without needing to make any application changes.”

“For as long as Amazon Redshift has been around, Etleap has been making some of the most complex data pipelines easier and faster for AWS users, so working with the Amazon Redshift team to improve post-load transformations with Amazon Redshift Materialized Views was a perfect fit for us,” said Christian Romming, Founder and CEO of Etleap. “Etleap was designed for AWS and delivers analyst-friendly, enterprise-grade ETL-as-a-service. By collaborating with the Amazon Redshift team on this project, we continue to show our commitment to our customers and AWS, and have taken another major step in our quest to make data integration less of a headache without sacrificing control or visibility — and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Customers value Etleap’s modeling feature, because it allows them to gain advanced intelligence from their data. One challenge for customers is the time it takes to refresh a model when data changes. Amazon Redshift Materialized Views allows Etleap to refresh model tables faster and use fewer Amazon Redshift cluster resources in the process, which frees up more resources for other Amazon Redshift workloads. This allows a customer’s engineering and analyst teams to deliver on the desired outcome more efficiently.

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About Etleap: Etleap was founded by Christian Romming in 2013. Before founding Etleap, Romming was the CTO of an ad-tech company, where he recognized the available solutions for building data pipelines required monumental engineering resources to implement, maintain, and scale. Etleap is backed by world-class investment firms First Round Capital, SV Angel, BoxGroup, and Y Combinator. Our mission is to make data analytics teams more productive. Our ETL solution lets analysts build data warehouses without internal IT resources or knowledge of complex scripting languages. This reduces the time of typical ETL projects from weeks to hours, and takes out the pain of maintaining data pipelines over time.

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