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Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

By Etleap Marketing
June 20, 2022
Blog Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

Hot times in Las Vegas

With temperatures in the triple digits, it was a hot June week in Las Vegas. But Snowflake Summit’s winter themes and innovative customer use cases kept it cool! There were over 12,000 people at the Summit, the first since 2019 due to the pandemic. Six of us from the Etleap team were able to attend and meet with countless data professionals. Etleap customer TIER also gave an excellent presentation about the impact data is having on their fast-growing business.


Snowflake and Etleap: a winning combination

The excitement was palpable as customers shared the value they’ve gotten from Snowflake and the eagerness to do more. Etleap is proud of our long Snowflake Ready Technology partnership and was excited to sponsor the Summit.

The conversations with data professionals from all stripes was energizing. Data engineers, BI/Analytics professionals and more all see the opportunity of the Snowflake Data Cloud. They also expressed the desire to spend fewer hours and resources on ETL or ELT, particularly on the challenging situations that make each of their enterprises unique.


TIER's impact: insights and the environment

TIER Mobility, our leading European micro-mobility customer, was selected to speak as well. Through e-scooter and bike rentals, TIER delivers real environmental impact, replacing 12 million car trips and 13 kilotons of CO2. As their data team and volume have grown 10X, TIER relies on a core stack of Etleap, dbt, Snowflake and Looker, delivering “time to actionable insight” around an hour.


See you next time!

Thank you Snowflake for hosting a great event, and thanks to Sowmia and Kumar at TIER for your generous words and support! We look forward to seeing you all at more events soon. If you didn’t get a chance to ask your questions or we had to cut a demo short, please contact us at info@etleap.com



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