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How Boost Insurance Made Their Snowflake Pipelines More Reliable

By Etleap Marketing
December 15, 2023
Blog How Boost Insurance Made Their Snowflake Pipelines More Reliable



The platform just works. We have zero downtime. We've had no pipelines go down. Combined with that, the customer support has really been top-notch.

- Shane Brass, Head of Data Analytics at Boost Insurance

Boost Insurance is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the InsurTech space. They provide a platform that accelerates time to market and ensures customized data analytics tailored to the individual needs of their partners. Their mission is to modernize the InsurTech industry by providing a seamless pluggable infrastructure for their insurance customers and partners.

Boost was already using Snowflake because of its ease of use and data storage efficiency. However, as their data volume and reporting complexity grew, they sought ways to improve their data stack's effectiveness, especially in transferring data from multiple sources into Snowflake.

Known for its fully-managed ETL solution with robust CDC, Etleap was the solution Boost needed. Etleap allows data teams to quickly and effortlessly build and manage data pipelines from various sources, specifically Postgres databases, into Snowflake. Shane Brass, Head of Data Analytics at Boost, said it best; "We work on 10 different databases that are all relational, so having that data into Snowflake at the same time was very critical."

Boost got up and running on Etleap in a few days, and since then has experienced near-zero pipeline downtime. "A lot of what we do at Etleap is to obsess over the details like getting CDC just right," said Christian Romming, CEO of Etleap. "Companies get up and running quickly, but it also makes pipelines reliable over time."

Etleap's innovative pricing model, which considers the number of data sets rather than individual transactions, has provided Boost with a predictable budget for their data stack operations. According to Shane Brass, "Etleap has a solid foundation with a pricing model that really fits where we're at in the company. As the volume increases, the pricing model supports that."

If Boost’s story resonates, you can experience firsthand how Etleap's innovative technology and customer-centric approach can transform your data pipeline operations. Don't just take our word for it - request a demo today and explore how Etleap can meet your unique data needs. Etleap is free to trial for up to 4 weeks.


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