AWS re:Invent 2019 Roundup

Materialized Views, Amazon Redshift Ready, and more!

Last week Etleap put on another exciting show at AWS re:Invent, where we announced some new features and integrations with AWS services, were interviewed by the tech experts over at “theCUBE,” hosted a session all about data lakes, and most importantly, spoke with countless attendees about ETL. Here’s a roundup of all the Etleap action you may have missed at AWS re:Invent 2019.

Etleap’s booth was a veritable oasis of ETL discussion and Etleap product demos
Amazon Redshift Launches materialized views with help from etleap

Among AWS’ numerous announcements at re:Invent this year was the availability of Materialized Views in preview on Amazon Redshift. The Materialized Views feature is designed to help customers achieve up to 100x faster query performance on analytical workloads such as dashboarding queries from Business Intelligence (BI) tools and ELT data processing. Etleap helped launch this feature by integrating it into a beta version of Etleap Models (let us know if you want to be included in the beta!) and showing that it can give an ~8x performance boost. The Redshift team showcased our results in their chalk talk on “Accelerating performance with Materialized Views.”

Yannis (seated, left) and Vuk (standing, right) from the Amazon Redshift team showcase Etleap at their Redshift Materialized Views Chalk Talk

“We are delighted to have Etleap help launch the Materialized Views feature in Amazon Redshift,” said Andi Gutmans, Vice President, Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Amazon Redshift Materialized Views allow customers to realize a significant boost in query performance in ETL pipelines and BI dashboards. By integrating Etleap with this new functionality, customers can seamlessly get the benefits of Amazon Redshift Materialized Views without needing to make any application changes.”

You can read the full Etleap press release about Amazon Redshift Materialized Views here.

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