How Etleap automates its infrastructure process with Terraform & Ansible


“Infrastructure as Code”, IaC, is a term every system administrator has heard by now. We can think about it as the process of managing and provisioning IT infrastructure through source-code instead of performing tasks manually. As we will explore, this helps DevOps teams efficiently and safely adapt infrastructure to meet the always-changing requirements dictated by the business. This approach helps to manage infrastructure in a way that enables the devops team to better serve the organization.

How can this paradigm help you? It encourages the adoption of software development practices like keeping infrastructure’s definition and configuration scripts in a source control system, automated code testing, and doing peer reviews. This benefits infrastructure management in numerous tried-and-true ways.

If you’re starting your journey into IaC, there are many resources you can reference to familiarize yourself with the concepts and terminology associated with this approach. Kief Morris’ “Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud” is an essential book on the topic (alternatively, Martin Fowler’s blog gives a great overview).

At Etleap, we embrace IaC to build and improve our service every day. This practice helps us in our ongoing effort to make Etleap the best ETL platform it can be.

“IaC is makes it possible to effortlessly and reliably spin up any element of an infrastructure at any time, or even the entire infrastructure, in a matter of minutes.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how using IaC has helped Etleap build a better product.

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