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Etleap launches AWS Quick Start

By Etleap Marketing
August 13, 2020
Blog Etleap launches AWS Quick Start

Etleap, a leading provider of cloud-native ETL solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced availability of an AWS Quick Start for Etleap VPC to enable customers to create, maintain, and scale data warehouses and lakes on AWS without extensive engineering work. The AWS Quick Start automates the deployment of Etleap VPC using AWS CloudFormation and works both with deployments through AWS Marketplace and with licenses provided by Etleap.

Etleap VPC lets data teams deploy ETL pipelines inside their own Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) that source data from databases, web applications, file stores, and streams, and load data into Amazon Redshift warehouses, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Glue data lakes. They can transform data using Etleap’s Data Wrangler and SQL-based Data Modeler to make the data analytics-ready.

“Customers are looking for ways to integrate their data sources quickly so they can take full advantage of Amazon Redshift’s speed and scalability,” says Chris Grusz, Director, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.. “It’s great to see Etleap making an AWS Quick Start available so teams can start ingesting data to Amazon Redshift with just a few clicks, while at the same time run their ETL pipelines inside their own Amazon VPC.”

Enterprises want to take advantage of the cost savings, flexibility, and scalability of cloud data warehouses and lakes, but often have strict data privacy and security policies they need to adhere to as they are migrating to the cloud. This often requires that they keep their data and infrastructure within their own controlled, single-tenant cloud environment as opposed to using hosted, multi-tenant services. Etleap’s customer eMoney Advisor was in this situation when they wanted to spin up their analytics stack on AWS.

“For eMoney to deploy its analytics stack on AWS it was imperative that all data and infrastructure components run inside of our Amazon VPC,” says Barrie Effron, Vice President of Business Analytics Systems and PMO at eMoney Advisor LLC. “With Etleap we were up and running in production in 6 weeks and we have not had to hire engineers to manage our ETL pipelines.”

By launching this AWS Quick Start, Etleap enables data and analytics teams to deploy a cloud native ETL solution in their own Amazon VPC with just a few clicks.

“As enterprises migrate their data warehouses and lakes to AWS, they’re looking to Etleap to reduce the cost of their ETL and time to value for analytics,” said Christian Romming, CEO of Etleap. “With Etleap VPC, customers get all the benefits of Etleap’s managed ETL solution while keeping their data inside their Amazon VPC. This AWS Quick Start makes the setup of Etleap VPC fast and easy.”

For more information or to try it out for yourself, follow this link to Etleap’s AWS Quick Start. Alternatively, you can email info@etleap.com; Follow Etleap on Twitter @etleap; or Like Etleap on Facebook @etleap.

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