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Etleap Achieves Snowflake Ready Status and Announces Snowflake ELT Features

By Etleap Marketing
November 17, 2020
Blog Etleap Achieves Snowflake Ready Status and Announces Snowflake ELT Features

Etleap announced today that it has achieved the Snowflake Ready status for Snowflake Data Cloud. This recognizes that Etleap’s Snowflake integration has been successfully validated by a third party, and that Etleap adheres to Snowflake best practices for ETL/ELT tools.

Etleap also announced availability of its modeling layer for Snowflake, which takes advantage of Snowflake’s MPP (massively parallel processing) infrastructure to transform data after load in order to combine data from multiple sources and to enable faster query performance.

“We’re excited to welcome Etleap as a Snowflake Ready Technology partner,” Snowflake Director of Technology Alliances, Tarik Dwiek said. “In addition to making it easy to bring data into Snowflake from a multitude of sources, Etleap’s innovative ELT features for Snowflake are opening up new possibilities for customers to further reduce engineering effort and improve time to value for their data. We’re looking forward to seeing Snowflake customers take advantage of these features.”

Etleap is an analyst-friendly, cloud-native ETL-as-a-service solution. It replaces time-consuming ETL setup and maintenance with intuitive software and a managed service that automates data pipelines.

“Etleap is proud to achieve Snowflake Ready status,” said Christian Romming, Founder and CEO of Etleap. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies with maintenance-free, enterprise-grade ETL and ELT by leveraging the ease-of-use, performance, and pace of innovation that Snowflake provides. Our designation as a Snowflake Ready partner shows our continued commitment to Snowflake.”

To try Etleap out for yourself, sign up for a trial here. Alternatively, you can email info@etleap.com; Follow Etleap on Twitter @etleap; or Like Etleap on Facebook @etleap.

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