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Etleap Launches on Snowflake Partner Connect

By Etleap Marketing
June 9, 2021
Blog Etleap Launches on Snowflake Partner Connect

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - April 21, 2021 -- Leading ETL provider Etleap, whose ETL solution allows analytics teams to build data warehouses without internal IT resources, and Snowflake,the Data Cloud Company, announces Etleap’s launch on Snowflake Partner Connect today.

“We’re excited to welcome Etleap to Snowflake Partner Connect,” Snowflake Head of Technology Alliances, Tarik Dwiek said. “Etleap’s data pipeline setup flow is optimized for Snowflake Partner Connect, and Etleap’s innovative ELT features for Snowflake are opening up new possibilities for joint customers to further reduce engineering effort and improve time to value for their data. We’re looking forward to seeing Snowflake customers take advantage of these features.”

Snowflake Partner Connect enables data and analytics teams to easily create trial accounts with selected Snowflake partners like Etleap, integrate these accounts with Snowflake and provide a convenient option for trying various 3rd-party tools and services. After selecting Etleap in the Snowflake Partner Connect portal, users are transferred to a setup wizard on Etleap’s site where they can configure data sources in a few clicks. Etleap ingests data from the data sources into the Snowflake data cloud and keeps data up to date over time. From there, users can access their data in Snowflake, and also use Etleap to model their data for analytics.

“We’re excited to launch our integration with Snowflake Partner Connect,” said Christian Romming, CEO of Etleap. “It fits right in with our mission of decreasing ETL setup and maintenance costs, as well as reducing time-to-value for analytics initiatives.”

To try it out for yourself, go to your Snowflake dashboard, click ‘Partner Connect’, and then pick Etleap. You can email info@etleap.com, follow Etleap on Twitter @etleap, and like Etleap on Facebook @etleap.

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