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Etleap Supports Amazon Redshift Serverless Upon Launch

By Etleap Marketing
November 30, 2021
Blog Etleap Supports Amazon Redshift Serverless Upon Launch

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - November 30, 2021 -- Etleap, a leading provider of cloud-native ETL solutions for Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), today announced that its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering supports Amazon Redshift Serverless, which is now in Public Preview. Amazon Redshift Serverless customers can now accelerate data onboarding by ingesting data from a wide range of data sources through Etleap.

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables customers to access and analyze data without the need to set up, tune, and manage Amazon Redshift clusters. Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically provisions data warehouse capacity and intelligently scales, and customers pay only for the data warehouse when it is in use. Etleap provides ETL support for Amazon Redshift, and Etleap’s product team has worked closely with AWS to ensure that Etleap pipelines work with Amazon Redshift Serverless at launch. Etleap can be configured to only load data when the data warehouse is in use.

“We’re excited that Amazon Redshift customers can now get started more easily and scalably with Amazon Redshift Serverless,” said Christian Romming, Chief Executive Officer at Etleap. “As an Amazon Redshift Service Ready Partner, Etleap was able to quickly update its ETL solution to ensure customers can continue to seamlessly ingest diverse data sources.”

To try out Etleap for Amazon Redshift, follow this link to Amazon Redshift Console’s native partner integration page. Meet us at booth 568 at AWS re:Invent. You can also email info@etleap.com; Follow Etleap on Twitter @etleap; or Like Etleap on Facebook @etleap.

About Etleap
Etleap is an analyst-friendly, cloud-native ETL-as-a-service solution. It replaces time-consuming ETL setup and maintenance with intuitive software and a managed service that automates data pipelines. Etleap lets data teams deploy ETL pipelines that source data from databases, web applications, file stores, and streams, and load that data into Amazon Redshift warehouses, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Glue data lakes. Users can transform data using Etleap’s Data Wrangler and SQL-based Data Modeler to make the data analytics-ready.

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